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About Me

Hi there! My name is Meesha Farzaneh (but you can call me Meesh). I am a self-taught fiber artist based out of Austin, TX. This journey started when I was faced with the misfortune of undergoing 3, very invasive, foot surgeries starting in 2017 and was forced to stay indoors and limit myself to activities that involved minimal mobility. I began teaching myself how to weave and macrame, which eventually became an outlet for me to help redirect my feelings of depression and struggles during that time. 
Over the course of 2 years, my hobby has grown into a small business here in Austin! My specialties include macrame, punch needling, and polymer clay jewelry, but I also dabble into weaving and also rug tufting when I have time! I will be offering fun workshops at The Lemon House (check us out on IG @lemonhouseatx) that will be perfect for both beginners and intermediate students who are wanting to learn macrame, polymer clay jewelry making and punch needling.
When I'm not busy making, I enjoys traveling with my boyfriend Mischa (yes the have the same name!!) and snuggling with my little pups, Milton and Naynay.

I was born and raised in Texas, but my ethnic background is Iranian. I wanted to incorporate my cultural background into my fiber art practice. The name Saffron Soul circles back to my Persian roots, where 90% of the Saffron used today is derived from. By the 10th century BC, ancient Persians were weaving infused saffron threads into textiles, and would ritually offer them to divinities. I love the rich history associated with the word saffron and it is also said to help ease feelings of depression! I hope that my products can evoke the same feelings of happiness and inspiration in others as they do for me.